Training at X-Treme Select focuses on developing players who are confident on and off the ball.  We take a long-term approach to development and we use technical and tactical drills that closely match (and grow with) the age and skill level of each player.  Our consistent and unified approach to training promotes the steady and consistent development of each player.  This approach, combined with our belief that soccer is a great vehicle for teaching life skills, is successful in creating well-rounded team players who challenge each other to be the best that they can be both on and off the field.

Outdoor soccer is the primary focus at X-Treme Select and our training methods are designed to maximize each player's performance and growth in the outdoor setting.  During the winter months,  we creatively make the most of our time and space indoors.  Our teams continue to train at least twice per week even in the winter and we use this time to focus on technical training and conditioning.  Our girls are offered a variety of unique extra conditioning opportunities like yoga, spinning, pilates, water aerobics and strength training which supplement the time spent with a  ball at their feet.  

Another important aspect of training at X-Treme is the use of video footage for increasing our players' knowledge of the game.  Our players regularly meet with our coaches to analyze video of their recent games and tournaments.  This review is an invaluable tool for boosting team performance and personal growth.