Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child play premier soccer?

Premier soccer offers professional coaching and maximum training & competition opportunities to give kids the tools to reach their full potential. Whether players want to compete in high school, college or beyond, X-Treme Select SC can provide them with the training, competition and exposure that they need to advance their skills and reach their goals. Our program of advanced coaching and strong competition allows our players to broaden their horizons by playing with highly skilled teammates and opponents with similar aspirations.

How do I get more information about X-Treme Select SC?

Contact our director of coaching, Matt Safar, at or 330-323-3504 for more information or to set up an evaluation for your child.

What happens at tryouts?

X-Treme Select SC welcomes new players at any time. If a player is interested in checking out the club during the middle of one of our existing seasons, they will simply be invited to attend one of our regularly scheduled training sessions. Prior to the start of the fall season, the club will hold scheduled evaluation sessions. These will be run similarly to our regular training sessions and will include both new and existing players. The goal of any evaluation is to simply see how each new player fits in with the existing group and to see if it is a good match for both the club and the player. X-Treme Select SC strives to place players in the best environment for their continued development.

Where will my child train and compete?

X-Treme Select SC utilizes several training facilities in the Medina and Akron areas. Outdoor league games will be played in Lodi, OH (CASA League) or at a variety of locations in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky (Midwest Regional League). Tournament locations will vary depending upon the team and season. Families should be prepared to travel out-of-state for at least one tournament per session. Every effort will be made to keep costs low, but the club's coaching staff feels that exposure to high-level competition from other regions is necessary for our players' continued development.

How much will it cost?

X-Treme Select SC's fees are very reasonable as compared to similar teams in the region. X-Treme Select SC is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all fees go directly to paying for coaching, field rental and equipment. We strive to give our players the best opportunities that premier soccer can offer while keeping costs as low as possible.

How long is the season?

Each year is divided into four sessions: fall, winter I, winter II and spring. Players are encouraged to participate fully in all four sessions. The speed at which a player develops is directly correlated to their number of touches on the ball. We strongly encourage all of our players to take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to them.

How will X-Treme Select SC help my child grow & develop as a soccer player?

Kids progress at their own individual pace, so X-Treme Select SC strives to create an environment that promotes the optimum development of each child. Many of our age groups have two teams: Premier and Division 1. The coaching staff believes strongly that kids grow fastest in an environment where they are challenged but not overwhelmed. At X-Treme Select SC we have a very low player-to-coach ratio and we build training and competition schedules that will match every player's skill level and goals. Every season's schedule includes a wide variety of events to ensure that each player receives the opportunities that she needs to develop as a player.

What level of participation is required of the parents?

Parents are expected to get their child to practice and games on time and to communicate regularly with the club regarding their child's participation. In an effort to keep cost low, the club also holds several fundraisers per year. We try to avoid asking players and their families to sell anything, but families should be prepared to volunteer their time to at least one fundraiser per season.

How much playing time will my child receive?

Participation in our program requires a high level of dedication and skill.  Playing time may not be equal among all players.  It is dictated by many factors including skill, fitness level, commitment, attitude, and overall comprehension of the game. 

How can we balance premier soccer with other sports and family activities?

We recognize that families today have busy schedules and many commitments. However, premier soccer requires a high level of dedication. We ask that participation in X-Treme Select SC events be your child's top priority. Prior to their U12 year, it may be possible for your child to participate in other sports and activities. During the U12 year, the soccer schedule will become more demanding and your child may have to make decisions about participation in other sports and activities. These are personal decisions that must be made based upon your family's individual circumstances.