Our Mission

X-Treme Select Soccer Club is dedicated to providing a unique and affordable premier soccer option to girls in the Northern Ohio area who are highly motivated and eager to develop their skills and compete at a regional or national level.  Our teams are built on a foundation of strong technical development and a dedication to teamwork, sportsmanship and positive, encouraging instruction.


Core Values

The following core values are the pillars that X-Treme is built upon:

• Sportsmanship - We believe that sports provide lessons that extend beyond the playing field and that "how you play the game" matters.
• Positive Approach - We believe that it is an honor to be entrusted with your child and we will instruct in a manner that builds up, not tears down.
• Technical Development -  We believe that technical development is the key to success in soccer and we consider this the ultimate goal of our club.
• Teamwork - We believe that learning to be a part of something bigger than ourselves pays dividends for a lifetime.